Gulet Charter in Croatia

Name gulet originates from the French language (gouëlette) that characterizes the Turkish coasting sailboat. 
Gulets are built in Turkey, mainly in Bodrum and Marmaris, and initially they were made for coastal transport of oil and wine in amphoras. 
In Croatia they appear in the early part of the 21st century and today they are modern tourist boats that come in various sizes: from 15 m 35 m. Gulets are wooden motorsailers with the main diesel engine drive and with sails that provide additional drive, depending on the strength of the wind and its direction. That means that you can sail silently without motor drive if the wind permits, or navigate reliably under marine engine power. Today, gulets have the comfort and all modern facilities on board. All cabins are with air condioning and private bathroom. The interior is mostly simple and spacious, perfect for summer climate in Mediterrane. Stern deck is broad and fitted out with comfortable cushioned benches that are perfect for any sort of relaxation – reading a book, taking a snack or having a drink with friends. It is also covered with awning as a protection from the sun. Fore deck is predicted for enjoying the sun. Deck chairs covered with comfortable cushions are oasis for those who love the feeling of sunrays on their skin.
Each gulet has 3 to 5 well-experienced crewmembers, depending of the size of gulet. Crewmembers take care of navigation, service and safety of the passengers. They are at your disposal for everything you might need during the cruise.

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